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Talk of Hutchence biographical film resurfaces

MichaelHutchence.jpgThere is renewed talk of a biographical film about Michael Hutchence the lead singer of the fantastic band INXS and this time it's a little more than talk as a screenwriter reveals that he has a script written and a project ready to go.

Mind you we've been hearing about a film on the man for some time, starting with the rumours back in 2006 of Johnny Depp set to play him and followed by the equally wild rumours of Kate Moss to play Paula Yates.

Those rumours and the others surrounding the production of the film called Slide Away caused some furore in the community of fans for Michael Hutchence and INXS as well as with his half-sister, at the time the producer of the project Clark Westerman came back with an open letter to address the accusations, rumours and disquiet about the film and the planned director Nick Egan. You can read that open letter right here on Filmstalker.

Then all went quiet on the project and the last I wrote about the man was a possible documentary in late 2007 called Elegantly Wasted by David Leaf the Producer, Writer and Director of The U.S. vs. John Lennon. Despite his previous credits on music related film projects that film never got made either.

Now we're hearing from Bobby Galinsky through Sydney radio station 702, ABC Australia and The Guardian that he's written a script for a biographical film about Michael Hutchence. This is a new project not connected with either of the previous two films which is called Two Worlds Colliding and is based on the book Just a Man: The Real Michael Hutchence written by Hutchence's mother and sister ( / ).

That would suggest that he has the backing of the family to make the film, unless he's just picked up the book and adapted it without contacting them, but talking on the radio show he seemed rather confident that this was getting made, in fact he even said that casting is starting next year. Mind you, we hear that all the time don't we?

The Guardian article states that Bobby Galinsky's best known work is Flatliners whereas IMDB list him as executive producing Prey and writing and producing an upcoming film called Dust and Glory which is set to be directed by Simon West and follows one of the toughest road races in the world.

Speaking on the show he said the following:

"It's from the family's side as Michael being a son, a brother, a friend. It's not a sex, drugs and rock n roll tabloid situation..."

There isn't much else on the project but it does seem clear that there's movement forward. The key will be if the family and the estate accept the project and agree to it moving forward, after all that's always the sticking point with biographical films of musicians, that and the rights to play their music in the film.

INXS were founded way back in 1977 and had a string of hits and memorable songs including Need You Tonight, Suicide Blonde, New Sensation and Beautiful Girl.

I wonder if this project will make it to production and we'll see a film about the singer released? Yet at the same time I find myself wondering if too much time has passed since he died and the band were so successful, would a film about the singer still be as much of a draw to audiences?




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