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Stones director on Cobain biographical film

KurtCobain.jpgDespite denials it would seem that Courtney Love has been hard at work developing a film about Kurt Cobain for some time, although that shouldn't really come as a surprising considering we first heard in 2007 that she had purchased the rights to a biography about him and was in discussions with studios.

It's been a long time since anything progressed on the project though but we now hear that it has a director, that it has a plan, and that it's going to be made.

In 2007 we heard that Courtney Love had bought the rights to , the Charles Cross written biography on Kurt Cobain's life and that she was off talking to studios to try and get the script written and the film made.

Rumours of casting followed but later that year we heard that a writer had been found for the project with David Benioff set to adapt the novel that Love had purchased for film.

More casting rumours adding up to Ewan McGregor or another rumour of James McAvoy to play Cobain and the last casting rumour of Scarlet Johansson to play Love, yes all rather ridiculous really.

Then in 2008 we heard from Brett Morgen who said he had been working with Love to develop a film about Cobain using lots of footage that Cobain himself had made, making Heavier than Heaven from Cobain's own perspective.

"It's all of Kurt's artifacts and archives and journals and yeah we'll have the music of course but the… his home movies. He did stop action animation...I'm gonna probably refine it…

...We're going to make a film as if Kurt Cobain was making his autobiography and so and one of the things about using animation in it is that at first I was like oh, man, it was the worst time for archival films because from like '83 to '92 video sucked...

...what this film will do is really get inside Kurt's head and sort of see the world from the inside out."

Then in 2010 we heard the rumour that Oren Moverman was in talks to direct the film from the Benioff script and that was the last we heard. Until now.

According to The Guardian it is indeed Morgan that is working on the film with Love and that they've been working on it since the beginning.

"Courtney is the one that brought me into this...We've been trying to find the right time to put this film together and the time is now"

He went onto confirm the comments he made back in 2008 about the style and content of the film:

"...like a third-person autobiography...[as] if Kurt was around and making a film about his life...Kurt was not only an amazing songwriter and musician, he was an incredible artist and film-maker."

The reiteration of Morgan's involvement and comments comes just after a story was released about Courtney Love's co-manager saying that there were plans for a film and musical about Kurt Cobain's life, and what's more he made these under oath in a court case against his ex-client Britney Spears. Love has since denied the musical claim but it looks like the film is on.

Brett Morgen recently wrote and directed the Rolling Stones documentary Crossfire Hurricane and he has a number of other documentaries behind him including Chicago 10 so he has the ability and talent.

Like the news of the Michael Hutchence documentary though, is there still a desire for a film about the man? Has the time passed?




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