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New Star Wars films may not be a trilogy?

StarWars.jpgPreviously we heard that Michael Arndt had written a treatment for a new potential trilogy carrying on Star Wars from where we left it in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi and was hired to write the script for Star Wars: Episode VII. Hot on the heels of that announcement was the one regarding Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg who had been hired to, as sources said, write Episode VIII and IX.

Now those pesky sources are revealing that they may not be writing direct sequels to the existing series and that they may deliver films connected with Star Wars but not direct sequels to Episode VII, and more than that Disney may turn their focus to the universe of Star Wars not just this series.

I have to carry the usual warning here and say that there are sources involved but at least they are a reputable and well established outlet, but that doesn't make them any more solid, they could still be anything from the tea lady to a producer. Still, as I said, it's a decent site so maybe there is something to it.

Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter has the story that although it was originally believed that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg were going to be writing Star Wars: Episode VIII and Star Wars: Episode IX between them that now may not be the case. Their sources say that while they have been hired to write on the Star Wars franchise and that they will be writing separate stories, they may not be Episode VIII and IX.

In fact they suggest that these scripts could be films for spin-offs of ancillary characters or stories from other parts of the Star Wars universe and they might not be a continuation of the series.

That means that Disney could pump out Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015 and then, with their plan of releasing a Star Wars film every two to three years, leave us hanging until 2021 to see another in the series, if we even get that.

I find that hard to take, I really do, especially considering that we've had two trilogies so far with more or less back to back films, would they break that and just deliver one new film to the franchise? Would we want just one film?

I think if this is true then it's a mistake and they should commit to making a trilogy from the beginning no matter what, not with get out clauses and caveats about spin-offs so that they can abandon the idea if it doesn't work out from the word go.




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