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Will Vaughn direct Star Wars: Episode VII?

MatthewVaughn.jpgIt has been looking likely that Matthew Vaughn has a pretty big project up his sleeve after he turned down the opportunity to direct X-Men: Days of Future Past, especially when he did such a great job on X-Men: First Class, a film that could have completely gone the other way, and with that the speculation has been rife.

Now someone else in the business has mentioned that he's connected with the project and although it's being leapt all over as a complete confirmation, the announcement still needs to be made, however it doesn't look far off at this point.

There's no official confirmation yet from Disney or Lucasfilm as yet but an actor who has done a bit of work with Matthew Vaughn, Jason Flemyng, spoke in an interview as though Vaughn was accepted as being the next director, however the usual caution is advised.

Although I think that Vaughn probably will be directing the film as he seems a cracking choice for it and everything seems lined up for him to take the role, there is still the fact that this hasn't been confirmed and all we have is an actor responding to a direct question about whether he would take a part if Vaughn offered him.

He was being interviewed at the screening of Seven Psychopaths and HeyUGuys, through The Guardian, caught him on camera after asking him

"Have you chatted to Matthew about any Star Wars potential because that could be three films for you?"

Flemyng then does a quick C3P0 impersonation...

"I'm sure I'll get the call about Star Wars but I'm sure it's going to be literally 'Flemyng, no, Flemyng I know on paper it doesn't look that much but I promise you it's essential to the part' so we'll see what happens."

Cleverly though the interviewer doesn't leave it ambiguous and tries to tighten up the answer...

"Is Matthew interested though do you think?"

Flemyng replies quickly...

"In what? Star Wars? I think that's what..."

Then there's the awkward face...a moment's silence...

"...errr...yeah...he's interested yeah...bar the deal..."

Then another interviewer moves the question away, fool!

You can see the interview here which has a lot more with Jason Flemyng and it's rather funny as well, seems a really lovely bloke.

As with all interviewees who are put on the spot like this he's clever enough not to say something that would preclude him from the production should the named person get the role, and so he pitches himself in the media knowing that it will raise his profile for it.

At the same time though it does feel as though he's said too much and caught himself doing it, although how much he knows is uncertain. Maybe he's just making assumptions like us, after all if you'd just revealed something that Disney and Lucasfilm are yet to reveal and potentially ruined the chances of a job on such a lucrative franchise wouldn't you be a bit more concerned?

Still, all the rumour and conjecture is pointing to Matthew Vaughn directing the first new Star Wars film and we just have to wait and hope for a confirmation. If it is Vaughn then it's going to be an interesting Star Wars: Episode VII, especially considering what he's just done with X-Men: First Class.




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