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Deus Ex: Human Revolution adaptation gains writer and director

DeusEx.jpgThe videogame adaptations aren't slowing, and despite the continuing failures of film studios working with games studios and the growing power of the games studios to independently produce films without the help of the film studios, Hollywood still seems to be trying to break in.

The latest epic game that Hollywood is trying to adapt for film is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, well the whole series really but the film version is going to lean heavily towards the latest release in the franchise and it has a writer and director already lined up.

I find it surprising that another epic game is being attempted considering how poorly this has fared in the past. The biggest problem is that the game studio wants to retain control over their franchise and wants the film to complement it rather than turn out poorly and possibly reflect on their property, you can understand that, so far Hollywood hasn't.

It's a little simplistic and usually it's come down to budget in the end but that's essentially it. The company that wants to retain creative control has asked for a certain level of film that the studios don't want to commit to, at least not with them, they're happy to commit to it with film studio only projects that have so often fallen flat.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Scott Derrickson is the man who will be creating the script for the Deus Ex adaptation along with C. Robert Cargill and, all going well, seeing it through to the directing stage. Together they've worked on the recent film Sinister and Derrickson has written and directed films like The Exorcism of Emily Rose (Filmstalker review) and The Day the Earth Stood Still, he has the script of the Poltergeist remake on his credits too.

The plot for the game is set in the near future where the augmentation of organics with technology has started a leap forward in technological advancement, as well as the advancement of the human race. The main character Adam Jensen is an ex-SWAT security specialist who has to take on many new augmentations on his way to exposing and stopping a global conspiracy.

Sounds exciting and it also sounds like a big budget, will Hollywood go with it? The model so far hasn't been too promising but there are a good team of producers on the project and it might just make it through, but will it get the budget and the outing it deserves?




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