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Steve Jobs biopic details revealed

SteveJobs.jpgThere have been a few details revealed about the upcoming Steve Jobs biographical film but unfortunately to a patent lawsuit regarding the copyrighting of written words I can't talk about it. No, I am jesting, but the patent in-fighting between companies to try and protect their profit margins at the expense of competition and development is a complete joke that won't be mentioned in the film I'm sure.

However what will be mentioned is Steve Jobs and three product releases, three product releases that will be played out in three scenes and three scenes only.

Yes, it seems amazing but apparently the film about Steve Jobs will concentrate on the run up to three important product releases, the original Macintosh computer release in 1984, the NeXT Cube release in 1990 and the release of the original iPod 2001.

According to Aaron Sorkin through the L.A. Times and The Hollywood Reporter each of these three releases will consist of a scene each and will play out in real time running at around thirty minutes each.

It's an interesting concept and there must be a lot of knowledge of what happened before these product launches to explain the man and his philosophies in business and life, but reading it on paper it does seem hard to understand how it can be turned into a captivating film.

Well, Sorkin wrote The Social Network (Filmstalker review) and you know how that turned out. Before the film came we were all wondering how that could possibly make for an interesting and engaging story, and with Steve Jobs story it seemed there could be a great story to be told, now Sorkin seems to have turned that on its head and we seem to be in the same place we were in the early stages of The Social Network.

There were so many possibilities for the story of Jobs to deliver an interesting story but I really didn't think that behind the scenes of product launches was the way it was going to come, especially not in three separate scenes delivered in thirty minute real time.

I assume that we'll intercut between the scenes rather than just playing them out from start to finish, mind you that would be an even more interesting challenge, and that the stories of what happens behind the scenes will tell us what Jobs was really about.

Still, it's hard to believe this is where the story can come from, but then Sorkin is a wonderful writer.

I know that there are a couple of hardcore Jobs fans out there reading this who are also film fans so I'd be interested to know what they think of this reveal and how they think this would work for a film.



Go on then Richard, I'll jump in and take the bait!

There would be enough information around the three periods to produce one element of the scripts. But tackling it this way, the human story would, I feel, be missed.

The NeXT period was widely seen as a failure, which enabled Jobs to get back into apple, then you have the 2 key product launches, which cover the rise of apple, and decline of Job's health.

Of course, it could be that he's using these to drive reflection through the narrative.

Having read a handful of biographies on Jobs over the years, its possible to get sidetracked into thinking the guy is a bit of an ass hat, he certainly had a unique leadership style. But running along side that are the human stories, and the reflective periods. I feel it would be remiss to include them.

If thats captured the story would reflect where the drama really is. (Jobs and Woz, Jobs and Sculley, Jobs and Ive, Jobs and Lauren, Jobs and his kids).

Still capable hands and all that!



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