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Edinburgh International Film Festival Day Four

EIFF.pngGoing with tradition I've gone and missed a day at the Edinburgh International Film Festival due to a damned cold. In no state to visit a screening I was in bed sleeping.

Back now for a one film day, mainly because there's a Grand Prix, even if it is the second most boring of the season, and I'm going to see Alan Cummings doing his one man show of Macbeth.

So that one film is Grabbers.

It was a packed screening, surprisingly so, and around me there are stories of sleep deprivation, alcohol the night before, and a couple of unexpected languages. Well it is the International Film Festival.

Once again some of the media and reviewers proved that they don't need to see the entire film to write about it, the last one arriving something like ten or fifteen minutes after the film started. More annoyingly I had a "writer" sitting beside me and by that I mean that he had a pen and paper and was continually writing notes through the film rather than just watching it and getting engaged by it.

Regularly he would pull the pad right up to his face to see where he was writing and then start scribbling notes, fidget a little, and then return his attention to the film.

I prefer to watch the film, let it engage me, and then write about it afterwards. After all if you can't remember something about the film immediately afterwards to make notes then it wasn't worth mentioning.

Speaking of which Grabbers was a good fun film

Straight home to make sure the Grand Prix was recording, grab some lunch, and off to Alan Cumming's Macbeth.

This isn't really the place but I do have to say just how amazing Macbeth was. Alan Cumming is an awesome actor and he's Scottish, and doing this almost one man Macbeth with some new ideas and a cleverly put together set and story. I'd recommend it.

Day Four: Quick Reviews:
Grabbers: Four Stars
Alan Cumming in Macbeth: Five Stars

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