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The Impossible Spanish trailer impresses

TheImpossible.jpgIt's always surprising when a foreign language trailer captures your eye and imagination so positively and with the trailer for the Sergio G. Sánchez written and Juan Antonio Bayona directed film The Impossible that's just what's happened. Of course it's in no small part to the two leads of Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, but mainly it's the sight of the powerful wave hitting the shoreline and the aftermath of a tsunami.

There are some powerful images that look spectacularly real and it only needs a few to set the scene and the story that will follow, reminding me of the amazing sequences in Hereafter this looks set to make an entire film of those events.

The film looks at the terrifying events of the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004 and follows a family on a beach side resort who are ripped apart by the unstoppable force of nature and fight against the odds to survive.

While there is certainly going to be a story in the middle that is one you might have felt you've seen before, everything around it is going to make that story one to watch and the trailer shows that early on.

The footage of the wave hitting the resort and the shots of the aftermath are not only terrifying but also uncannily realistic. I wonder how this will look in a larger format in high definition but in this trailer it does look like they've created some very realistic images.

Let's not forget either that with Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts we're going to see two powerful and emotionally charged performances that shouldn't be drowned out by the effects. Also worth remembering is that Juan Antonio Bayona directed The Orphanage in 2007 and Sergio G. Sánchez, a film that might not immediately make you think of something on this scale but certainly brings the hope of a strong script and plenty of thriller type moments.

Here is the trailer for The Impossible that comes through Twitch:



Wow - thanks for bringing this to my attention.



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