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New trailer for The Assault (L'Assaut)

TheAssault.jpgThere's a powerful new trailer for the French film The Assault (L'Assaut) from director and co-writer Julien Leclercq and co-writer Simon Moutairou adapted from the book by Roland Môntins and Jean-Michel Caradec'h ( / ) which tells the events of the hijack of a French passenger plane heading to Paris on Christmas Eve 1994 and the attempt by French Special Forces to storm the plane and free the hostages.

This new trailer shows more of what looks like actual footage of the rescue attempt mixed with the film and it also shows how powerful the film will be as well as how it may not all be as Hollywood as we might expect.

Here's the original blurb for The Assault (L'Assaut) from the first trailer:

An action packed thriller, "The Assault" is the gripping true story of the hijacking of a Paris-bound flight on Christmas Eve 1994, and the 48-hour effort to rescue the passengers.

When four heavily armed Islamic terrorists hijack a Paris-bound Air France flight on the runway, 227 innocent lives hang in the balance. Their only chance of rescue is the determined French GIGN's (the elite counter-terrorism paramilitary unit of the French National Gendarmerie), called on to break the standoff and storm the plane.

The Assault is a harrowing tale that captures the claustrophobic tension on board, and in strategy sessions with the government and the GIGN, until 48 hours later it reaches its final outcome, played out during an intense battle onboard the narrow confines of an aircraft.

This new trailer from the film is even better than the first and while the opening doesn't quite work the rest of the trailer hits hard. By that I mean it looks as though the opening is trying to compare and contrast the preparations of the two groups who are going head to head, the terrorists and the French GIGN who will eventually storm the aircraft, but to me it seems to just need another edit to make that more impactful.

That though is seriously made up for in the second half of the trailer. Here is that new trailer for The Assault (L'Assaut) from TrailerAddict:




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