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Stalked: Scorsese on for Snowman; Hopkins and Dench for Branagh's Italian shoes; Delpy on Joe Strummer

Martin Scorsese has signed to direct The Snowman...

Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench in talks for Branagh's Italian Shoes...

Julie Delpy directing Joe Strummer film...

Martin Scorsese has signed to direct The Snowman...
Martin Scorsese was rumoured to be in talks to direct the adaptation of the Norwegian novelist Jo Nesbo's novel The Snowman, but now The Hollywood Reporter have confirmed that he's signed and will gladly take up the task in hand. What's interesting in the story is that Nesbo had to give approval for the director on the project, which would mean that the author has retained a fair bit of influence in the sale of the rights for his novel. I'm just surprised it took him this long to say yes. Matthew Michael Carnahan is writing the adaptation, another great choice, which sees Nesbo's detective character Harry Hole investigating a serial killer who uses snowman to reveal a new victim. The write certainly packs a lot of power, and he's wielding it, although apparently he won't be insisting on the filming to take place in Oslo.

Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench in talks for Branagh's Italian Shoes...
Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench are currently in talks to join Kenneth Branagh's latest film Italian Shoes. The film is based on the book by the Swedish author Henning Mankell and is adapted by Richard Cottan. The story is of a retired surgeon who is forced to confront mistakes from his past by an old flame who returns. According to Variety Branagh has been saying that the film was developed by him with these two actors in mind and that he couldn't think of a better pairing, well if that doesn't sign them up nothing will.

Julie Delpy directing Joe Strummer film...
Julie Delpy looks set to direct a biographical film about Joe Strummer of the Clash. The Right Profile is a film about the life of Joe Strummer and his planned disappearance from the public eye in 1982. The story comes from Variety and the rest of the details of the film are being kept quiet. Who will play Strummer I wonder?




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