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Prometheus teaser leaked online

Prometheus.jpgPerhaps, perhaps not, however a grainy bootleg of the trailer was captured and let loose on the Internet and very quickly shut down by 20th Century Fox, apparently. What it left behind was a written description of the trailer which has an opening that sounds as silly as silly can be but turns into what appears to be the leaked footage.

How do I know? Well I just saw the nineteen second clip of leaked footage from the Prometheus trailer screening, and I can tell you that you can see next to nothing, but you can see some things.

The current footage is short, but you can clearly see that this is Prometheus, after all the titles are telling you who is directing it and that there will be "Fear", apart from that we're seeing some very fast and extremely hard to see clips of people in space suits with flame throwers and, well, stuff.

It really is almost impossible to see anything, and I'll embed two versions from YouTube which will undoubtedly be taken down almost immediately by Fox - please note lawyers I do not have the footage hosted on my site and you'll be best to ask YouTube to remove them.

Replacing the footage that was found by an IMDB user through Prometheus Movies News and ShockTillYouDrop is a description of the footage, which runs way more than the nineteen seconds clip that can be seen below, and it begins with what sounds like the cheesiest opening ever:

"Trailer starts with a clip of Ripley from Alien and the words "What if the beginning" and then we see the mouth of the Xenomorph "Wasnt the beginning" or something like that."

Yes, that's really what they wrote, the xenomorph begins talking. I'm really hoping that's the guy having a laugh and this is a Fox marketing gimmick to get our attention ahead of the release of the first teaser for the film because a talking Alien does sound rather silly to me.

The explanation goes on but it really doesn't tell us anything and I find it more confusing than anything else. Have a look at the clip that's spinning around YouTube and see what you can gleam from it. Really Fox have no need to shut this down because it's so difficult to see anything all it's going to do is build hype for the actual teaser, and that's a damn good thing in my mind.

Well, did you manage to see anything that Fox should be scared about being revealed? Thought not.




I think you may have mid-understand the IMDB user's description; he's not saying the alien speaks, he's saying we see images of Ripley and the alien with written on-screen captions, not speech :-)

Haha! That is hilarious, I can't believe I misread it that much. Mind you in my defence it was tough to read.

Did you guys have much more of the trailer than I've managed to find above? Was this all that was around to begin with?



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