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Closed: Win a new internet video enabled Blu-ray player

Bluray.gifThis is an unbelievable competition, a superb offer of an excellent Blu-ray player to win, free of charge. It's a Sony, internet connectable Blu-ray player that features upscaling Dolby True HD decoding, and much more. A full £179.99 worth of Blu-ray player and it could be yours, for the cost of a simple email.

There's a little more to it than that of course, you have to read the rules, the question, get the answer, and fire off an email. So a few minutes of your time for the chance to win a Blu-ray player? You'd be mad not to.

The prize is being donated by Argos who have a surprisingly big range of home cinema equipment, something I didn't realise until I looked up the specifications of the Blu-ray player they are offering up for a prize.

Argos offer a range of Blu-ray players from Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, LG, and more; complete Blu-ray home cinema systems or just straightforward home cinema kits which feature the player and all the speakers you'd need to blast the walls off your room; LCD and Plasma televisions, and more up to date LED and 3D televisions. I must admit I'm keeping my eye on the LED televisions myself.

However you won't need one of those important pieces of kit for your home cinema if you enter and win this competition for the Sony BDP370 Blu-ray Player that Argos are donating, a picture of which is below and shows you just how slim it is.

The player is selling for £179.99 and has an incredible list of features, some of which I'm hugely envious of:

DLNA enabled *: This allows the player to communicate with other DLNA enabled devices around the house, where you can create a home network for digital content
Wireless ready: When a USB WiFi dongle is purchased it can be plugged in directly to enable a WiFi connection
Ethernet connection **: Direct connection to your home network/broadband router immediately without any further purchase and to allow firmware updates of the player over the internet
BBC iPlayer enabled: Allows you to connect to and watch BBC iPlayer content directly through the Blu-ray player (when it's connected to the Internet of course)
BRAVIA Internet Video: Allows you instant access to online content including Catch Up TV and websites like YouTube and Dailymotion
iPhone interface: Allows control by iPhone including displaying disc information
Full 1080p playback: On Blu-ray discs
DVD Upscaling
24p True Cinema
HDMI connection: Offering 7.1 channel high definition audio, both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master decoding and bitstream output
Playback of: BD-Live, BD-R/RE, AVC-HD, DVD, Audio CD, DVD-R/RW Video, DVD-RW VR, DVD+R/RW, CD-R/RW, SACD, USB, JPEG, DivXHD, WMA, WMV, MPEG 1/2/4, MPEG 4 AAC, VOB, VRO, WAV, MP3
Connections: HDMI, Component Video, Composite Video, Digital Audio Coaxial and Optical, Analogue Stereo, Ethernet

* I use this at home to stream content from my PC to my PS3/XBox 360, as well as my DLNA enabled network drive which streams music and video content to other DLNA devices on my home network.
** This was where the PlayStation 3 had the edge over many Blu-ray players because new features were added to it through updates over the internet, now with internet connected Blu-ray players they can carry this ability too and allow a great future proofing

More technical details can be seen on the Argos product page for the Sony BDP370 Blu-ray Player which has a more complete technical specification.

So, that's the write up, by now you should be salivating, as I am. This new Blu-ray player from Sony trumps the PlayStation 3 with the BRAVIA connectivity and a number of other features that really have me rather envious of whoever is going to win. I wish it were me!

To be in with a chance of winning the Blu-ray player you have to have a UK postal address, know the answer to the following question, and be able to select the link below to send your answer and address in to Filmstalker. Simple.

Here's the question:

According to the Argos product page, what is the height of the Sony BDP370 Blu-ray player?

Easy as pie. Now remember you need a UK postal address for the prize to be sent to you, you have to answer using the following link, and in your email include the answer and your name and postal address.

Competition Closed

The competition is open until midnight GMT on Sunday 8th of August. After which the winner will be randomly selected from the correct entries, informed by email, and the prize mailed to them.

Get entering, and you could own this superb internet enabled Sony BDP370 Blu-ray player.



love the prize brill

wow how upto date is this i so want please father xmas lol:)

Get entering then!

ANS> [Find it for yourself - Richard]


i would really love this prize

win win win

good looking prize

Extraordinarily illuminating thanks, I believe your current subscribers will probably want a lot more items such as this keep up the excellent work.



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