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Jolie out of Gravity?

AngelinaJolie.jpgThe news is happening fast regarding Angelina Jolie. Just the other day we heard that she dropped out of Wanted 2, something that might or might not cause the film to die a death, and that she was in Alfonso Cuarón's new film called Gravity.

Now that looks like it's being called into question, in fact the entire film Gravity is being questioned, it might never have had a studio deal.

Previously I had written about Angelina Jolie leaving Wanted 2 and then joining Alfonso Cuarón’s next film Gravity.

Seems that was a bit premature according to Entertainment Weekly through The Playlist who say that Gravity isn’t even started yet, it’s not even with a studio:

Jolie’s reps say the actress has passed on doing Gravity at Warner Bros. It’s not yet clear as to why and sources indicate the Gravity portion of the story was quite premature. Warner Bros. is still unable to confirm whether or not Gravity is even set up with the studio.

We heard that Gravity is the story of a woman who is the sole survivor of a mission in space and is trying to return home to Earth for her daughter, the emotional driving force keeping her going. However it might just be the case that the studio aren’t set to go on the film just yet, and that could be the reason that Jolie backed out of the project.

I can understand dropping out of Wanted 2, but not of Gravity as that sounded like a great project and a great vehicle for Jolie to show off her acting. Frankly I’m disappointed if this film isn’t made, and more so if Jolie isn’t leading. Mind you, perhaps there are still some burnt fingers at Pandorum (Filmstalker review), but you just have to look at Moon (Filmstalker review) to see how single person films can really work.




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