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Wanted 2 dead?

Wanted_Banned_Poster.jpgI'm slightly confused at this story, but apparently Wanted 2 is dead because Angelina Jolie isn't wanting to return to the film, she's chosen to make another project, and rather than rewrite the script without her, they've decided to drop the idea entirely and that kills the suggested trilogy dead.

I really don't understand that, and for all of you who have seen Wanted (Filmstalker review), you should be questioning that decision too.

You'll remember back that when the idea of the sequel was talked about they began really working hard on how to bring her character into the second story, for really there was no place for her in it, especially after the first film tied her storyline up perfectly well.

In fact you could say that they really forced and pushed the boundaries of the universe they had created to fit her into the sequel.

The story comes from New York Magazine through SuperheroHype.

According to what we knew, Timur Bekmambetov was returning to direct and that Angelina Jolie, Konstantin Khabenskiy and Terence Stamp was to make an appearance as the new wise worded leader.

However, and this is where the real surprise for me is, the lead of the film is James McAvoy, not Jolie, and the plot had him heading out to fight other fraternity's around the world, not returning to the one he just dealt with.

So why the need for Jolie to have such a central role? Why not move on with the McAvoy character of Wesley Gibson and pitch new battles in his path, making him stronger and wiser and the same for his fraternity foes?

I really don't understand why they have to scrap the film because a co-star, whose character has no place in the sequel, doesn't want to return.




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