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Gershwin biographical film

GeorgeGershwin.jpgMusical biographies are becoming more and more popular at the moment, but many of them are about the talent right up front, now we're going to get a biographical film about some of the talent behind the star.

DreamWorks is close to completing a deal for a script about the great composer George Gershwin, I'm just listening to some of his music on the BBC Proms celebration of classic MGM musicals, and the story doesn't look to be just focusing on his successful musical career, but his entire life.

The film will follow the life of George Gershwin from his start in Brooklyn, born to Russian immigrants, right through to his death in 1937 in Hollywood at the young age of thirty-eight, and will cover his huge career where he wrote more than a dozen successful Broadway shows alongside his brother Ira Gershwin, and created some iconic musical moments.

It's not the first story about his life though, with the 1945 Warner Bros. film Rhapsody in Blue, but this might be set to be the most complete.

Doug Wright has written the screenplay that DreamWorks are looking at, according to Variety, and one of the producers is Michael Feinstein. Feinstein is not only a pianist but he's also regarded as an expert on Gershwin who even worked for Ira Gershwin early in his career cataloguing his collection of records, and spending time archiving the works of the Gershwin brothers. He also recorded some albums of Gershwin music, and with all that knowledge would serve a film about either of them well.

If the deal comes through then this could be a big budget film about the musical legend, and hopefully feature all of their great compositions.




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