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British horror The Asphyx gets British remake

TheAsphyx.jpgYou can't write off remakes completely, there are times when it makes sense and it could result in a better film, and this story suggests that this could be one of those remakes. What's more is that it's not a Hollywood remake, it's a British one, by a British production company, so there's just a chance of something good.

The original is a British horror film from 1972, a story of ghosts, experiments with immortality, and a man obsessed with finding it at any cost, sounds superb and rife for a remake.

The story of The Asphyx follows a Victorian scientist who takes a motion picture camera on holiday with him and accidentally captures on film the tragic drowning of his wife and son. Watching the film back he sees a strange apparition, a spirit like creature that appears around his dying family before flying into their bodies.

He believes this to be the ancient Asphyx from Greek mythology and sets about trying to understand and capture it, and as he tries so his experiments grow more and more dangerous, and soon they turn to murder.

The horror film could work really well as a remake, and the production company Black & Blue Films is set to do just that. The company comprises of two very well known faces in Britain. One is Martin Kemp, the bassist of Spandau Ballet (just making a comeback) and a star in his own right from Eastenders to The Krays, and British television actor Bill Murray, (no, that one's American) who is well known for his role in the television series The Bill but also in Eastenders.

So British it will be, but will it be any good? Who's to say. The first sign is that the story from ScreenDaily through JoBlo reveals that there's already a writer and director assigned to the film, Matthew McGuchan, with the beautiful Alison Doody is rumoured to be cast. Chances are that Bill Murray will appear too, as he's appeared in a number of films that the company has produced to date.

I'm hopeful that the film will come from the better side of British horror, and there's something to be said about British lower budget horror films, that manage to bring out the best in themselves and the story. Good luck to The Asphyx.




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