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Filmstalker's Week 2nd to 8th June

Newspapers.jpgThis week sees a new feature on restarting franchises, you have two opportunities to win a DVD. There are reviews of You Kill Me and I Am Legend on Blu-ray. Trailer this week include, The Incredible Hulk, The X Files 2, Transsiberian and Madagascar Escape 2 Africa. In the news Spike Lee and Clint Eastwood exchange words, there is Spiderman 4 news, M.Night Shyamalan has been talking and Bruce Willis could be in Kane and Lynch.


The latest Filmstalker feature asks if franchises can be restarted successfully.


Two DVDs for you to win this week, first up is The Onion Movie.

And you can also win When Evil Calls.


Richard reviewed You Kill Me, about an alcoholic hitman.

And he also reviewed I Am Legend on Blu-ray.

Plus In the Shadow of the Moon on DVD.


The Incredible Hulk trailers are still appearing.

Wanted got another trailer.

The X Files 2 trailer looks good.

Transsiberian has Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer getting on the wrong side of Ben Kingsley.

The Visitor looks like a fairly moving film.

The Waiting Room is a British film starring Ralf Little and Anne-Marie Duff.

I'll no doubt be off to the cinema later this year to see Madagascar Escape 2 Africa.

And Steve Martin finished the job he started by bringing out another Pink Panther film.


Could we be seeing Bad Boys 3?

Transformers will finally be relased on Blu-ray.

M.Night Shyamalan has been bemoaning the twist ending.

Death Note is getting a remake.

Rumours hit the internet of a possible ending to Terminator 4.

Bruce Willis could be in a Kane and Lynch film.

McG said only three people know the ending to Terminator 4.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 could be a PG film.

Ridley Scott looks set to return to sci fi.

Werner Herzog answered critics of his Bad Lieutenant "remake".

Edward Norton is not getting a writers credit for The Incredible Hulk.

Oh no, Capricorn One is being remade.

Transformers 2 has a title, but there will be no cliffhanger ending.

Sam Raimi is waiting for a script for the next Spiderman. He and Tobey Maguire are not ruling anything out yet.

Star Trek sequek talk is starting already.

Clint Eastwood defended his Iwo Jima films against claims by Spike Lee.

Keira Knightly could be in My Fair Lady remake.

Leonardo DiCaprio will play the man behind Atari.

Two final Incredible Hulk TV spots were shown.

And Spike Lee decided to take the higher ground, in his exchange of words with Clint Eastwood.




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