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Norton dropped from Hulk credits

It's interesting to think that the Writers Guild of America, who ultimately decide the writing credits on all films, have announced that Zak Penn will receive the sole credit for The Incredible Hulk and Edward Norton will receive nothing, and while you ponder on the possible injustice to Norton you have to wonder why they did that.

I'm not up on the workings of the WGA and how they decide on who gets the writing credit, especially when arbitration comes into play as it did here, but if they're giving credit to Penn, how much did Norton write?

If Edward Norton wrote a decent amount of The Incredible Hulk then you would think he would have been given credit, and if there's some injustice then surely he would have enough of a case to take it elsewhere than the WGA?

IESB have the news that Zak Penn is receiving sole credit on the film, and when the talked to Penn's office, WGA or Universal the story was the same, here's what Universal said:

"WGA determined the writing credit not Zak or Edward or Universal or Marvel. WGA always determines final writing credit for our films right before the film comes out. Up until that time, we include the writers on the project to date."

I wonder how that's making Norton feel right now, I hope he's not turning green. Personally if I'd written a chunk I'd want to see my name there or at least receive some acknowledgement, but then I guess he is leading the film and he had a hand in shaping it too.

Of course there's the possibility of sequels to consider. In order to keep your lead actor on you wouldn't want to totally undermine him, so I can't imagine there's a lot of bad blood over this one. It might turn out to be just one of those technical things where he gets no credit but everyone with some inside knowledge realises the work he did.

As so often happens in these cases time will tell, and come the commentary, and the press interviews after that, the truth will finally come out.



sounds pretty lame to me.

give the dudes who wrote it full credit.

Norton should get his fair shake.

i'd be pretty angry... and you wouldn't like me... when i'm....

....oh i have to stop. that's just TOO obvous



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