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Sienna Miller describes G.I. Joe

SiennaMiller.jpgIn fact Sienna Miller describes G.I. Joe in a nutshell, and she's being damn honest about it. In fact I think I have a new found respect for her after she spoke her mind about the upcoming film.

The quote is sure to annoy fans of G.I. Joe and earn her a few negative comments from that camp, but for those who like acting and strong roles then this will surely amuse and make you re-evalute the actress.

“Guns, tits, ass, no acting!”

I love that. Well done Sienna Miller.

The quote comes from E! Online through Yahoo News after she said it to a fan about the upcoming G.I. Joe film.

Well she's certainly confirmed what I thought about it.



LoL! I love it and I think anyone who has their mind set in reality knows this is exactly what GI Joe is going to be.


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