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The Strangers trailer online

The trailer for The Strangers confused me at first because I it looked a lot like Ils (Filmstalker review), and yet there's nothing connecting the two films other than the complete similarities in the plot. The writer and director show no connection, neither does anything I've read other than people's opinion.

That does confuse me a little, but that aside the trailer looks a very powerful, if at times unsubtle film. If it is a remake I'm not sure how much of the creeping horror this one will have in favour of the Hollywood scare moments.

Saying that the trailer has some very good creepy moments, the trick of the unheard and unseen figures appearing in shot are good, although they do appear very prominently and centre fixed, whereas the subtle darkened figure off to the side that catches your eye is often more effective.

The Strangers still looks really good and stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman in the leads. What do you think, terrifying? For those of you who have seen Ils, this does look very similar.

Here's the new trailer on YouTube through Row Three:

Here's the previous trailer we saw and I thought looked like Ils then:

You can also visit the official site for more spookiness.

I still am unconvinced this is an official remake, perhaps there has been some influence along the way (frankly it looks like a lot or a huge coincidence) but there's nothing to say that this is an official Ils remake.




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