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Tres Días trailer is Spanish armageddon

BeforetheFall.jpgTres Días, or 3 Days aka Before the Fall, is a film from Spain that tells of the last three days of Earth, as we discover that a meteor is travelling straight towards Earth and it will kill all known humans, dead. The chance of survival is zero. No Bruce Willis, no Robert Duvall, this one is just going to end it all.

So what do people do? Well Tres Días looks set to answer that on a small scale, looking at the stories of a few people in a small town who cope with their final days on Earth in different ways, and you get a good taste for that in the trailer.

Saying that the poster makes the meteor look a little, well, small and insignificant, but then perhaps that's all it would need to wipe us all out...nice thought to be having, particularly with the day I'm already having.

Here's the synopsis for the film over at the official site through Quiet Earth and Twitch.

"The U.N. Secretary General has announced that a gigantic meteorite will collide with the Earth in three days time. There is no hope of survival after the impact. The world is swept by despair, chaos and death. The inhabitants of the isolated town of Laguna listen in terror to the news.

Seeing the collective hysteria, Ale, a frustrated young man who lives with his mother and does odd jobs around the town, decides to spend his final days shut away in his house, getting drunk and listening to his favorite music.

But his plans change suddenly when he finds himself forced to help his mother, Rosa, to protect his brother's four children against the arrival of Lucio, an ambiguous, disconcerting stranger with obscure intentions

Ale, Rosa, Tomás… real characters in a real setting: LAGUNA, an isolated town somewhere in the south of Spain. The initial treatment of the story, apparently conventional, takes a sudden turn, just like the story itself, when a staggering news report shatters the monotonous existence in LAGUNA. Within three days Humanity will be wiped out… three last days in which a series of events will propel our characters towards a violent and unexpected end."

That sounds rather interesting, and then there's the trailer which looks even stronger. You can see that on the official site [Flash:Embed].

I think it looks rather good, and the reports that are coming out from the film are also rather strong. What do you think, something that might interest you?




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