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Whitaker as suicidal priest and Biel as stripper

ForestWhitaker.jpgForest Whitaker is joining Jessica Biel in in an inspirational drama called Powder Blue.

The film sees Whitaker as a suicidal ex-priest, Biel as a stripper with a terminally ill son, a third lead of an ex-con who wants to reunite with his lost daughter, and a fourth lead of a mortician in love and how their lives intersect in LA on Xmas eve one year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Timothy Linh Bui will write and direct the film, he previously directed and co-wrote the film Green Dragon which starred Patrick Swayze and Forest Whitaker.

It's another of the spate of ensemble films where all the characters are brought together by events outside their control, and like most of them this one seems to be lining up a strong and interesting cast, Jessica Biel and Whitaker?

How do you feel about all these ensemble films? Are they just copying the success of such things as Crash (Filmstalker review)?



I don't think so. I really think ensemble films can work when their good and I really don't think they're a cop out. That would be like saying that every movie with a love interest is a cop out (imo at least).

Still, it is a bit of a pain when this type of thing is all that gets shelled out. At least this one sounds mildly interesting.


Feel free to delete this post. I'm just checking how long it takes on your site. On ScreenRant things were running fine but suddenly it now takes 30 seconds for a comment to post.




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