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Besson talks Transporter 3, District 13 and Fifth Element sequels

LucBesson.jpgLuc Besson has been interviewed online and he's been talking about a District 13 sequel and English remake, Transporter 3, and another possible Fifth Element as well as the amazing Angel-A (Filmstalker review).

At first when he talks about the District 13 sequel he outright says no, then he realises that they meant a direct sequel, not the English language remake he was asked to do:

"I'd rather do District 13 2 with the same guys in France. We're going to do a sequel in France. Oh, I thought you were talking about the remake in English. Ah, sorry, sorry, I'm sorry. We're going to do a sequel. But at the certain moment, there's a big studio who asked us to remake the film and I said no."

Hollywood remaking everything they can yet again. Then he talks about Transporter 3 and says that it's just too much fun for him not to get involved and that he will be writing the story.

As for Fifth Element he says that there's an idea but that he doesn't see it happening for a few years, and regardless of his own comments of retiring he sounds busier than ever.

"I'm producing another film called Taken with Liam Neeson with the director of District 13. They are shooting here. I was there last night on the set. That's good. Liam Neeson's going to be wonderful in it. It's an action film, pretty intense. I have another one, Transporter, probably March and April next year. Then another one called From Paris with Love which is an action film we're also going to shoot next year. Then two other animated films, one called A Monster in Paris which is a great film from the guy who did, it's a French guy who works on an animated from Dreamworks but I don't remember which one. And we did another animated film called Ruby Tuesday with the Rolling Stones. It's an animated film with 12 songs of the Rolling Stones. It's going to be great too. And a couple of French films."

You can see the whole review over at Movies Online where he talks more about Angel-A.



I just can't help myself. This guy is fantastic.

Fi..fi..fifth element??? I just wet myself.

Screw everything else. A Fifth Element sequel MUST happen within my lifetime.



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