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Swayze in Halsman trial story

PatrickSwayze.jpgThe Patrick Swayze starrer Jump! has been picked up by American World Pictures. Jump marks a serious outing for Swayze who plays the lawyer of photographer Phillipe Halsman who was the focus of a murder trial in 1928 in Austria.

The story is based on court transcripts that had been sealed for more than seventy five years and also on the anti-Semitic feelings that arose after Halsman's wrongful conviction. He fled to the United States during Wolrd War II and became one of the most famous photographers of his time, some of his most famous shots included those of Salvador Dali and Albert Einstein.

According to Variety, along with Patrick Swayze star Ben Silverstone as Halsman, Martine McCutchenson and Sybil Danning and the film is directed by Joshua Sinclair who also wrote the screenplay.

To read more about the story head over to the IMDB Plot Summary where Sinclair has written his own blurb, and a stonker it is too. He makes it sound a very powerful and engaging drama.

It's been a while since I've seen Swayze in something dramatic, and it's great to see he's still got a hunger for good films. Does this mean we could see him in Point Break 2? Regardless I'm keen to find out more about the story behind Jump! Not to mention seeing McCutchenson who is more known for Eastenders and her successful musical appearances.




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