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Lynch's Inland Empire documentary

DavidLynch.jpgWhile we're on the topic of documentaries of famous off-kilter people today, it has just been revealed that David Lynch has a documentary coming out about his work to bring Inland Empire to the big screen.

The film followed David Lynch during the two years he took to shoot Inland Empire. The film is called tentatively called Lynch, surprisingly, and is being taken to Cannes to look for non-North American distributors.

Not much is known about it, and it's amazing it has been kept so quiet until now. According to the story in Variety, Lynch is directed by an unknown going simply by the name of blackANDwhite. The unnamed Director lived and worked from Lynch's home, so it may be him or a member of his family. In fact let's face it, it could be anyone until they actually reveal who it is. However they did give a quote on the story:

My goal is to present to the world the unique experience of being with David Lynch for a prolonged period of time, watching him as he creates on a day-to-day basis.

The story goes on to say that the DVD release of Inland Empire carries with it a half hour documentary called Lynch 2, sounds as though it's connected to this feature length version.

The documentary will certainly be worth investigating as Lynch is such a bizarre and yet strangely magnetic character whether you like his films or not.



There is a teaser via the unnamed directors myspace page - details here.

Not sure if you're aware of this but there is has been a production blog for this project for some time: http://davidlynchdoc2007.blogspot.com/

There's actually a short teaser for it, which was released a while ago. You can find it embedded at the end of this Bits of News diary I did a while back.



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