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Marc Bolan film in production

MarcBolan.jpgMarc Bolan of T. Rex fame seems the latest singing legend to make it to a biographical film with news coming out that the rights to Bolan's life have been purchased and a film is just beginning.

We just recently heard that Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy fame is set to receive the film treatment, so perhaps this is starting to mark a trend in Hollywood?

Bolan led the band T. Rex through their rise in the seventies glam rock period, Bolan is credited with bringing that genre to life. He died in a car crash at the young age of 29.

According to the producer, who talks to MTV Movies Blog, Scoot McNairy says that the story will be told through the eyes of his girlfriend who was driving the car when the car crashed and Bolan died. He also says that her unreleased music will tell their story and will look more to their relationship than anything else.

So, who could possibly play Marc Bolan? Any suggestions?



Looking at that publicity photo you chose, what about Hugh Grant?

Well perhaps looks wise, but rhythm may be a problem as far as I can tell. I think we need someone who really can perform.

Cillian Murphy would be my choice, but I doubt he'd be interested. Personally even as a big T.Rex fan I can't see the point of the film. Bolan's life story isn't that interesting, and although it follows the usual ego-strewn path (musician with talent ditches all those around him who helped him achieve success - wife, band members, producer, wife, supportive John Peel etc - with over-indulgence in drugs and booze leading to a quick fade from the charts and showbiz life. There's no redemptive happy ending unless you count settling down with a keyboard player and having a baby before being killed in a car crash a happy ending!

Yeah Ian, that struck me about the other biographical films being made of music legends. The recent Phil Lynott one has perhaps some more stretch to it than this one though.

I don't think any of these tales have a happy ending do they? Success, creativity, huge ego and over indulgence, so often leads to a self destructive ending.

Oh, you obviously didnt see Music and Lyrics. :P

Personally, I beleive that Bolan's life would be pure 'movie brilliance' translated onto the screen. Bolan had an amazing imagination; he was 'star' in every sense of the word, oozing with charisma, remaining an enigma to this day. To get a glimpse inside his mind would have been amazing. How can you say that his rise to fame isn't of any interest? When he died he was on a comeback, which makes his story even more tragic. Regarding the film that is in the process of being made, I think it would be better to focus on Bolan rather than his girlfriend. Yet, maybe this wouldn't attract the American audience?!

Excellent idea for a film. There is so much we don't know about Gloria's relationship with Marc, and if she is behind it then we know it will be a true tale and not some made up guff.

Johnny Depp!! He is a great adapting actor, he has the voice and the eccentric flair!

Marc Bolan cannot be played by anyone other than Johnny Depp. He's got Marc in his soul, I can see it! Johnny Depp as Marc Bolan woud blow us away!

i belive that merc bolan should be played by giovanni ribisi he looks so much like MARC BOLAN!

I was just watching some old T.Rex footage circa 1971 and I thought "wow Marc Bolan and Johnny Depp sure look a lot alike". Then I wondered if anyone else would agree with me so I googled both of their names together and this is where I've found myself. Obviously someone here agrees with me!
Johnny would be the perfect Marc Bolan as far as looks go, AND we (should) all know that he can play anybody! Pick Johnny! Pick Johnny!
Man, that would be so far out!


"UK production company 'Masterplan Film Productions Ltd' have secured the film rights to "TWENTIETH CENTURY BOY", a biopic of legendary T.Rex frontman Marc Bolan.

The script has already been subject to interest from a number of the major studios and has been described by industry insiders as "a beautiful and often surreal trip into the mind of a musical genius". Award winning Welsh film maker Andrew Jones will be producing the project for Masterplan Films. Principal photography is set to begin in late 2010 and will take in a wide range of locations including London, Wales and the USA.
We have not started casting the project yet, so no one is in place to play Marc as yet!"

Gloria Jones commented: Get IT ON!

If they cant get Johnny, or he doesn't want to do it, then it shouldnt be made.
Make up can do anything these days so no problem there. Johnny will master the blend of posh/cockney accent Marc slipped in and out of.
Johnny's the man, no compromise.
Marc was a very nice guy that went bad ONLY whilst under the influence of liquid and powder.
his life from 16 to 22 would be a most interesting time to portray. He was a genius writer composer and had a jeckyl and hyde character, who never once was rude to a fan might I add. The story needs to be told.

I have to agree I have always said Johnny Depp should play him, he has all the same features and can do the accent I do hope he gets it, and in the Libertine movie he LOOKED SO MUCH LIKE MARC THEY WROTE ABOUT IT IN AN ENGLISH NEWSPAPER. JOHNNY DEPP ALL THE WAY FOR SURE!

How about James Marshall Black, he's a real musician, a big Bolan fan, but does have some but limited acting experience, check him out in this photo:


I think Orlando Bloom could play Bolan. Bolan had a far more interesting life from a mistical point of view than just about anyone else. The premonitions of his own death for instance. It is unlikely that this film will capture more than a fraction of who Bolan really was...I mean people keep associating him with Glam Rock, they miss is very creative Arthouse period after Glam and his acoustic and progressive periods [including Jazz bass player Steve Currie] before that.
Bolan staring at a Margrite picture for hours in the Louvre...staring at a premonition of his own death, the tree, the cresent moon for 16th september 1977, in a painting...what could be a better opening scene than that.

Ville Valo to play Marc!
He looks like him.
Though Ville Valo is a singer, not an actor.

If you want a reason why Johnny Depp HAS TO PLAY Marc Bolan then go to youtube.com and watch the video for "Dreamy Lady" by T-Rex. When you watch it imagine it is Johnny Depp and you wel really believe it is

I had the original idea and script 20 years ago to make a film about marc bolan called 'Ride a white swan' and I am delighted that masterplan Susan Garlich and Gloria will see the film into fruition at the time 'purple films' were involved in the project and could not raise the finance but there was only ever going to be 1 man to play marc and that was Johnny Depp we tried but couldnt get to him,I would love to see this project on the silverscreen its a long time due

wasn't Depp's performance in Alice in Wonderland a rehearsal for the role of Bolan?

I don't see how someone in his mid 40's (Depp) can play someone who died when he was a mere 29. What about Lee Mead?

No way could Hugh Grant play Marc Bolan!!! and much as I love Johnnie Depp, don't think he's right either... he's a little old now and more in tune with wild rockers such as Keith Richards... Marc was very grounded with his head screwed on!

Jonathan Groff - Michael Lang in 'Taking Woodstock' has the look and the charisma to pull it off... he'd just need the right voice coaching for the accent, but he would be perfect for the role. I hope this movie gets made - Marc Bolan was a poet and a phenomenal singer/song-writer who has never received the attention he deserves.

yeah, but when is it going to be made, autum is upon us now

Yeah Steviezx there's not been a lot of movement on this. Like most biographical films about musical stars the film seems to have gotten hung up on rights, particularly song rights, and that often leads to the death of these films.

hahahahah its mainstream but still,,, johnny depp looks like bolan without the afro-like hair

If not Johnny Depp, definitely Ville Valo.

What a bout the singer from t rextasy

Actually he had just turned 30 two weeks before the accident.

I cannot wait for that movie I hope with Johnny Depp as Marc Bolan. Now I can only hope that Jan and Dean is another and also Andy Gibb, then the beegees, the list goes on and on.

Im a very Marc Bolan addict and i found an actor who little looks like him, i watched him in a farytale movie ''secret of moonacre'' and reminded me of marc. . His name is Augustus Prew , a young guy. Anyway, anyone who is willing to '' be '' Marc , should be honorned . Marc was a legend and had an unfair tragic end. Id be glad to watch a film about his short but glamourous life....

How about Taylor Kitch to portray Marc Bolan - he looks like Johnny Depp too but a younger version mmm???????????????

JD I have always said is perfect for the role of MB
he is not too old,he still has a baby face and with tons of makeup he can do any role,they even wanted him to play Michael Jackson because the guy can play any role he is a genius, if you watch him in
The Libertine he looks and sounds exactly like Marc that was more his getting ready for the MB story than Alice In Wonderland, he looked more like Madonna in that movie. LOL

Maybe Rufus Sewell :D he would be good.x

I'm a little reticent about this film idea. There are a number of crucial people missing/died whose contribution to this film would be of great importance. Although Gloria was the mother of Marc's son. She was not actually the love of his life. That would have been June Child whom Marc refused to get a divorce absolu from. And this was after he was involved with Gloria. Sadly June died in the 1990's. Many friends and musicians who also lived with, and played with Marc are also died. Let us also not forget that Marc was anti-commercialism in a huge way. So no Jonny Depp would not be an interesting choice. Seems that this is a project that will benefit Gloria. And not necessarily give any of us an impression of the complexed, fascinating, difficult, talented wonder that he was. How do I know? He knew my family. Good luck Gloria and your beautiful son. I grew up listening to your music and think you are greatly under-appreciated as an artist. This film will not make you shine any brighter. EVERYBODY please buy Gloria's album 'Share My Love'. It's gorgeous!!!!

I hundred percent agree with you Bella (previous comment). Really sorry to put a dampener on this movie idea. If it's from the perspective of his acknowledged lover Gloria's perspective, then it's going to be completely unrealistic. And more than likely encourage the individuals in his life who have remained beneath the radar all these years who were involved with Marc/Mark. One of them being Theresa Whipman, whom Marc saw from time to time even whilst he was seeing Gloria. And what about the mysterious beauty he was in love with from 1976 in London!? He had an intense connection with her, and would see her when Gloria was away, but she wouldn't live with him because he needed "taking care of like a child." He was already psychologically moving on relationship wise (Various friends have photos of them together). This woman has not said a thing and may never come out about her relationship with Marc. It would be prudent for Gloria to stay well away from this film. It's stirring mirky waters and could make a mockery of whatever time she spent with Marc. Gloria was Marc's support system. Not his love-light. Good luck

Heard about this site regarding the above film project. And couldn't believe it. Those of us who were sharing the same orbit as Marc, whilst remaining low key know too much to feel that this is a good idea. I'm sad to say that I agree with the
above comments. And yes, he was in love with someone in 1976 onward. She was often mistaken for the Black model Luna who appeared in the Rolling Stones Rock n Roll Circus. She was actually from Tanzania,very beautiful and pretty tall. No wonder she remained beneath the radar (no pun intended). And yes there was obvious indication of romance in progress.
It would be sad to watch a lovingly produced film about Gloria and Marc, knowing what we know. Pity.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Please don't do this film! We are all on this page because we have connected with Marc Bolan/T-Rex's music. Or that we knew Marc. And for those who haven't heard Gloria Jones music, please please get yourself as many CD's of her work as possible. Gloria is a formidable singer, writer and has an enviable pedigree as a Motown artist and writer. Believe me, you will be immersed in music and vocals that will have you wondering why oh why didn't she receive similar accolades as the singers she wrote for. In fact if you don't know much about Motown, then Gloria's music is a great place to begin. She was and is in many ways a far more accomplished musician and writer than Marc was. And had he not been addicted to alcohol and stimulants, who knows what more he would have learnt and channelled from her. And this is where the issue lies. Marc was not able to function independently. As his relationship with June began to dissolve, he began to reach for a replacement. In his will written in 1973, he listed Gloria as his SECRETARY! Not even as a FRIEND, as he'd described other people he'd known and worked with. Will these details be in the film? Or is it going to be complete romantic fantasy? Marc fell for an exotic,stunning woman years after meeting Gloria. She used to come into the Colony Room in Soho. Francis Bacon described her as "the pearl of africa". Now that's a film-script.

What about Brian May from Queen? He can play & he defiantly has the look

Brian May to play Marc..... Not only does he have the look but he can sure as hell play a guitar

I agree Johnny Depp is a great actor and would probably do a great job playing Marc Bolan. But in reality there is only one person who could do this and that is Danielz from T.Rextasy. He looks and sounds like Marc and he can already perform Marc's songs.
Give the job to DANIELZ!

The problem is he is so busy, and Marc was not so accepted in the USA as he was in Great Britain, not sure if JD would accept the part but I sure hope he does.

I've thought for many, many years that Johnny Depp could be the only one to portray Marc Bolan, but maybe (ouch) he's a little to old now?



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