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CSI star Dourdan as Phil Lynott

GaryDourdan.jpgWhile I was searching for the IMDB links for this evenings stories, I found an interesting fact, Gary Dourdan of CSI: Las Vegas fame is set to play Phil Lynott, the legendary lead singer of the group Thin Lizzy.

Phil Lynott sang and played guitar with Thin Lizzy, Skid Row, Gary Moore, and even appeared on Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds acting and singing.

He died on January 4th 1986 at the age of 36 due to a heroin overdose which brought on heart failure. A statue of him stands in Dublin as a memorial of the huge contribution he gave to music.

The film is set to follow his life, from the early struggle of his Irish mother to keep her illegitimate son in a religious and racist community in 1950's Dublin, and how he became a rock and roll legend before her very eyes. According to the blurb for the film My Boy it also seems set to look into Lynott's descent into addiction to drugs and drink, how his mother tried to fight for him, and how she eventually came to terms with his death.

The story is adapted from the book by Philomena Lynott of her life with the rock and roll legend to be, and it is set to be directed by Robert Quinn.

Holly Hunter is set to play Lynott's mother and Michael Gambon is also mentioned in the cast. It does mark a big role for Dourdan to play, big range, huge emotion, and a real legend to play. It does however help considerably that he looks a lot like Lynott.




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