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Studio chasing Spider-Man 4 writer?

Spiderman3.jpgThe screenwriter of Spider-Man, David Koepp, may well be writing Spider-Man 4, and that means that the film is underway with the studio. According to rumour they are very excited about the early cut they've seen of the film and they want to push forward with another film.

The rumour comes from a "reliable source", unnamed of course, who say that although the studio have approached him he's not yet signed for the deal. This comes from Superhero Hype.

Koepp has also written Carlito's Way, Mission: Impossible, The Shadow, Jurassic Park, Snake Eyes, Stir of Echoes, Panic Room, War of the Worlds and he delivered the script that made the big men sign up for Indiana jones 4. So if you add all those together then you could well have one hell of a script for the fourth film don't you think?

Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan wrote the third Spidey, so if this rumour is true you can expect that he's either not been asked or has said no to write the fourth. Still that doesn't mean he won't direct.

There's no news of Raimi being attached to the film as yet, but frankly I don't expect that news to break until Spider-Man 3 is released and a script has been delivered, after all Raimi would really want to see it before he agrees to direct it.



i am a spiderman freak. Well, ok so i like to wear a spiderman outfit.

So, this is great news. Think that writing and directing a movie would possbily render your "normal" life null and void.

How some of these guys live day in day out is beyond me. I guess its called commitment.



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