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Bruce McLaren Formula One film

BruceMcLaren.jpgBarrie Osborne, producer of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, is preparing a film that will look at the life of Formula One racing legend Bruce McLaren. The film is reported to have a US£100 million budget and will feature original McLaren cars.

There hasn't really been a Formula One film since that superb John Frankenheimer film Grand Prix in 1966. That was a stunning film that really captured the speed, pressure and amazing thrills in the sport both on and off the race track. It also showed some amazing race footage.

Now it looks like Osborne is going to bring another film to the big screen, and I'm hoping it's a success so that we can see more studios leap into Formula One and deliver some superb films based on the largely untapped and story rich top end of motor racing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon, Matthew Grainger is developing a script on the man who overcame a crippling joint problem in his youth to win a Formula One race at the age of 22, the youngest ever winner at that time. He died in a car accident just ten years later, in 1970, while he was at the peak of his career on a record breaking winning run for the McLaren team.

Not only is the film using some of the original cars from McLaren - imagine if they crash one - but will be shot in New Zealand, UK, Monaco, Germany, France and the US. That to me suggests that they are going to be visiting and shooting on actual race circuits.

I really do hope that's the case and that they keep everything as real as possible rather than relying on CGI, not enough realism would seriously cut out current F1 fans and make the film look far too polished. I hope these guys take some reference from watching F1 races and perhaps taking a look at the Frankenheimer Grand Prix film.

Is there interest out there for films such as this and films which would looko at the pinnacle of motor racing?



It can't possibly be any worse than Stallone's "Driven."

So I hear. I've never seen it but I've heard a lot of bad things about it. Time to add it to the queue.

lets pray its close to Grand Prix. If they really want to make a good movie. They need to make it an actual race movie. Ditto on the Driven movie. awful. so fake.

James! A fellow Grand Prix fan. That film really does capture the speed and excitement of F1.

From my point of view, all racing movies have great & woeful aspects. The reasons for the woeful aspects occur because the director does not hear & act on the advice given by the employed professional race drivers. I trust this will be different because the whole concept is out of New Zealand, not Hollywood.

No bigger fan of Frankenheimer's GRAND PRIX than I, having seen it four times at the Hollywood Cinerama dome back in the day and countless times since. 40 years later, I'm still club racing Formula Ford and working in the Hollywood film industry because of that damned movie! As much as I'd dearly love to see such a movie about Bruce McLaren (and would work on the project pro bono) the math just doesn't make sense. 100 million quid... for what return? Most movie audiences today never heard of Bruce and Denny, cannot relate to the period and quaint, slow cars by today's ridiculously over-blown standards. Sadly, that kind of budget might fly for a hyper-farce like the Warchowski brothers' Speed Racer, but no studio in their right mind would go out on such a limb today. To pencil out, it would need to have the success potential of TITANIC. Paging Leonardo.

Yeah but you could see the car companies pitching up a lot of that money for the sheer advertising factor.

Audience wise though I can't see the return on a Bruce McLaren film. As I've always said I can see the return on a big Formula 1 film looking into the Ferrari vs contenders battle throughout the years and the controversial sidings of the FIA with Ferrari through the years. This could pack enough material and intrigue to make a good more mainstream film.



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