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Van Damme denies Rush Hour 3

VanDamme.jpgJean Claude Van Damme will not be in Rush Hour 3, and that's official, straight from the Van's lips. He actually said that it was just a passing comment that got picked up by the press and turned into this big thing - no, really? I didn't think the press did that kind of thing!

The story over at Empire has him saying:

"You know," he laughs, "it was just a comment, a joke, that I made during an interview. I said, 'We’ve got Jackie, we’ve got Chris Tucker — what about me, making it a trio?' And this became something. But to be honest with you, if I did a comedy, I wouldn’t want to do something like Rush Hour, more a Lethal Weapon type of action comedy, something with a sense of reality. Like, for example, that movie with Bobby De Niro and that guy in handcuffs"

That sounds like Midnight Run to be honest, and I understand what he's saying. Maybe he's all too aware of the Rush Hour series himself? I'd prefer to see something where the Van makes a huge comeback in some cult classic film. Imagine if Tarantino picked him up on his next feature? Wouldn't that be great?




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