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Fiennes tackles nobel prize novel

RalphFiennes.jpgRalph Fiennes is set to move away from that Voldemort character in Harry Potter and look to something new, and something rather odd. The film The Gifted is based on an article about the life of Zell Kravinsky, a man who made millions and gave it all away keeping only a modest house.

It doesn't stop there though, then he gave a kidney to a stranger (I was tempted to write passing, but that would be more of a horror). The film is written and directed by Jacob Aaron Estes and seems to be slated for Spring, according to Production Weekly.

He's also lined up quite a hefty directorial debut for himself, a nobel prize winning novel no less, so no pressure there. Snow Country is adapted by Nicholas Rohl from the novel Yukiguni by Yasunari Kawabata.

...the love story chronicles the affair between a wealthy sophisticate and a 17-year-old Inuit girl being raised in a convent, who gives herself to him without illusions or regrets, knowing that their passion cannot last.

Wow, and just to make things harder for him production will be in Toronto (that's not the hard bit), Winnipeg and Alaska beginning September. That'll be somewhat cold I should fear.



I am amazed with the career of Fiennes. He won´t resign to easy roles, always challenging himself. That´s remarkable nowadays.

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