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Superman Returns International Trailer

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgThe International Trailer for Superman Returns appeared online at the weekend billed as the trailer shown before Da Vinci Code in the UK. This surprised me because I appear to have been teleported out of the country when I walked into a cinema on Saturday to see Da Vinci Code (review) and didn't see this trailer. There was a Superman trailer, but not this one.

However this does look good and is making me want the release date to come round even quicker...as well as praying that our local Vue gets a screening. It looks much darker and has a really brief scene at the end which made me wonder if it was a spoiler or not...I don't think it is, but as with everything you're seeing more and more footage, so even that in itself is a spoiler. However once you see it you'll understand what I mean. I'm sure there's not going to be a surprise for anyone come the end of the film.

You can see the trailer over at Coming Soon under International Trailer. There are also some new TV Spots if you want even more footage.

I'm just happy that this trailer has a more even mix of action Superman style with the human romance element.



hey man...I downloaded the trailer...but I'm not sure I'm processing this the right way...what do you think is the spoiler? If you have time, could you let me know? You have my email, do you not?

I just watched it again... man.... I just don't see it!!!

[Reveal removed - Richard]

This was the trailer shown to us in Cineworld the night I saw Da Vinci Code, I think Routh looks so much like Reeve in that final shot of the trailer. YAY!

Man, I don't care what planet you are from that has got to hurt!

Why is this Superman unable to speak?

Or do they perhaps not want us to hear what Routh sound like?

How come Lois looks like she's about 18 even though Superman has been away for years?

Nice music. Looks good. :-)

did you see the same trailer as I did, morbius? i've seen plenty of Routh speaking...he's great.

if you are knocking Lois' age, why not knock all of the unrealistic aspects of this film...i mean, you have a dude in blue tights FLYING... what's with that!?

why not sit back and prepare for some fun?

I only heard one word, "Hello" uttered by Clark Kent.

My problem with Lois' age is Superman has supposed to have been away for a period of some years and Lois Lane is supposed to be a woman not a young girl. This film is supposed to be following on from the original Chris Reeve movies and Margot Kidder was in her late twenties in the first movie. Lois Lane was not Superman's childhood sweetheart, Lana Lang was.

Surely if we are meant to have some sense of the passage of time then an older actress should have been cast? This is SuperMAN after all not Superboy or Smallville.

Your Blue Tights aspect is totally off the point. I have no trouble with the fantasy aspects of the film, just the parts of the film you would expect to be grounded in some sense of reality.



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