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Sharon Stone invests in UK films

SharonStone.jpgWhatever you think of Sharon Stone, you have to admit she's a wise business woman. Well I do anyway, and her latest venture seems to back that up. She's teaming up with a UK production company to create a $100 million fund to create new movies in the UK.

According to IMDB:

A source tells British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, "Stone has always been a shrewd businesswoman first and foremost. She has come to Cannes to meet with Brass Hat, one of the UK's leading film production companies, which has just co-produced Sandra Bullock's new film Premonition. She's been keen to be involved in the British film scene for a few years now, having already produced seven films in the United States. This is the perfect opportunity for her.

I welcome this, the UK industry has a lot to offer and the Goverment are doing their best to bleed it dry and push investment away. I'd like to see more big names pulling Hollywood to the UK, and in particular Scotland, and a name like Sharon Stone getting involved can but help. It'll be interesting to see what types of films this deal comes out with.




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