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Thor gets cast with a Travolta!

RikkiLeeTravolta.jpgThe role of the comic book character Thor has been cast and it's Rikki Lee Travolta, yes you'll find that name recognisable because it's the nephew of the slightly more famous John Travolta.

It's quite an interesting piece of casting news through Hollywood.com through Cinematical, apparently young Travolta is a Shakespearean trained actor who has tread the boards quite a bit, as well as being a martial arts expert. An interesting combination, Sir Ian McKellan meets Steven Seagal!

Also on board is David Goyer who is currently writing the script for the film, and I have to say that it's this news that is more exciting, especially since he is considering the Directorial duties too. He's already got Crow, Nick Fury, Blade, Batman Ghost Rider under his belt and he's attached to Batman again, Flash and Captain America! This guy is superhero central.

Coupling his writing with a well trained actor, could this Thor project turn out to be a good Superhero film? For me though most of this is all chaff and wheat...get onto Silver Surfer already...or how about a Rogue Trooper film?




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