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Shrek 4 and Puss movie

Shrek.jpgI wrote about the Puss in Boots film way back on the 25th of February 2005, and now the news is across the Net again. However it comes now with an IMDB listing showing a 2008 release, and there's news of Shrek 4!

From Cinematical comes word from Antonio Banderas himself in an interview with Mtv:

...the Puss in Boots spinoff will be made between Shreks 3 and 4...

...on Shrek 4: apparently in that one he'll be voicing not only Puss in Boots, but also "his badass brother."

You know I do like the Shrek films, but can they really squeeze another two films worth of jokes and ideas out of the creative team? Not to mention the poor and possibly ill fated spin off for Puss in Boots?



Like you I also like the Shrek films, and would welcome a 3rd installment, but saying they already have a 4th in the works seems confident in their part that there is enough material. I am curious Rich, why did you say, "possibly ill fated spin off for Puss in Boots"?



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