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Gary Oldman in Order of the Pheonix

GaryOldman.jpgAfter some time of not knowing if Gary Oldman would reprise his role in the new Harry Potter film, Order of the Pheonix, it appears he's just been confirmed for the role. Quite frankly there's no real surprise, how could they have replaced the actor, and if they weren't going to replace him they'd have had to drop the charcter from the story...not impossible, but not likely.

The news comes from Rope of Silicon. His agent said...

"I can't put my mind in the place of the producers, but I would've thought that when they read the book, a call to us would've been very high on their list. Obviously, the character of Sirius Black is key. Since they had no option for Gary on this film, he was a free agent. Last week, we told them that Gary had another movie, and it was just a question of doing a deal," he said.

Of the negotiations this morning with producer David Heyman, Urbanski said: "It was the most mature, simple and friendly negotiation that I've ever done."

"It's a wonderful role. Gary read the script last night, and he read part of it to me on the phone this morning. The end of the story is: Gary's in it. It's a terrific script, and he's so happy to be back."

Sounds like it was a sweet deal, "I've got another film and I know I'm integral", "Okay, here's wads of cash", "Done". Not having read the book myself I can't really say how important he is to the story, but I liked seeing his character in the earlier films, and I doubt I won't enjoy him in the new ones...and the news came on his Birthday too, nice present!



OOoo, Oldman, got the interest going. Ahh, Harry Potter, let-down.

The only interest I have in Harry Potter is seeing how many 7 year olds are on the early morning news on the day of release saying how they read the whole book between picking it up at midnight from Waterstones* and being filmed by the press on the way out of the store at 00:05. Which leads me back to a classic Gary Oldman line: "We said noon. I've got one minute past".

Fantastic actor, Oldman.

* Other book retailers may exist in your area.

after all of my rants about harry potter being a pile of garbage. oldman is the only saving grace.

if he goes then the money-making-machine(also known as harry potter) would be doomed.

Sirius Black was kewl because of Gary Oldman.

'Never read the book either.

So glad he's still going to be Black.

BTW, what is the reason for Ralph Fiennes keep on doing evil roles? Or is it only me keep on remembering the evil guy in Shindler's List?

From one who has read the books(!) Sirius Black in this film is a crucial role and the film would really struggle to a) replace Gary Oldman with a new actor or b) write the character out of it. I think somone else involved in casting forgot to read forward with the books to check which actors they should sign up for longer deals.

Really glad he's staying however.

Amber - he's done some goody roles since, but he's so forgettable as an actor unless he's stretched - Constant Gardener case and point.

Gary Oldman is so perfectly cast as Sirus Black that it would be hard to accept another actor in the role. I'm thrilled he'll be back, especially because he'll have a good amount of screen time.

Ditto Meli. Since I didnt read the books, I was relying more on the casting announcements to pique my interest for the films, and when I heard that he was cast, I was bouncing like crazy.



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