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Saving Private Ryan in Iraq

RonHoward.jpgThe powerhouse of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer has set its sights on a new project which to all intensive purposes is Saving Private Ryan in Iraq.

According to Cinematical:

The movie takes place way back in the days before we launched a full-scale war against the Iraqi government, and "revolves around a covert U.S. military unit that is on the hunt for an AWOL American soldier in Iraq." As you might expect, the guy went AWOL not because he's a pathetic coward or, worse, someone who opposes US actions in the country, but because he's a really, really huge hero, and is trying to find his brother, who vanished while serving the first Gulf War.

They make the observation first, it's just Saving Private Ryan in Iraq. That said though, I'm sure there's going to be more to it than that, and with those two names behind it we're in for a huge film. Surely though there's better material to be had, and something a tad less all American?



I don't know. Being "all American" myself, I think this really looks like it could be a great project. If it keeps it's distance from the typical Hollywood political spin, it could be great.

I doubt any war movie for years to come will surpass the greatness that is "Saving Private Ryan," but this sounds really interesting.




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