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New Flash Gordon by Star Trek 3 writers

FlashGordon.jpgFlash Gordon. Do you remember him? If you do remember what do you think of? The eighties musical, the serialised black and white story, or even the 2008 revamped television series? While I've seen the black and white serial on a Saturday morning and fallen in love with the character it really is all about the eighties musical.

However now it looks like Flash Gordon is going to get a modern, darker and bigger budget rework as not only are there writers behind the new version but a studio too.

I'm not sure what Flash Gordon means to you but to me it's the eighties musical, no matter how much I loved the early morning Saturday television repeats of the old black and white Flash Gordon, it's all about Queen songs and camp, glitzy costumes. You have to love that version of the story, it's great entertainment and if you aren't singing along, reciting lines later on - "Gordon's alive…ive…ive…" or "dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body" - then there's something seriously wrong with you.

However much I love that version of Flash Gordon I have to admit the idea of a modernised version does interest me. A version which is described through FilmDivider and First Showing will…

"…reclaim Flash Gordon from his current reputation in the way that Tim Burton redirected the public conception of Batman"

Now that is indeed a bold claim and a stirring visualisation of what this version intends for the character and the story.

It is also said that this version of the story is going back to the core of Flash Gordon, the comic strip version by Alex Raymond that began in 1934. Putting that together with the stylish remake idea and I'm rather interested.

That article also tells us that the latest attempt to bring Gordon to life again is coming from the writers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. Both names are unknown outside of the production world as none of their scripts have made it through to a film. Don't let that put you off though, what's missing from the end of that statement is the phrase "…as yet". They are writing the new script for Star Trek 3 and have written a new take on the biblical fable of David and Goliath. They're names aren't far off from being well known.

News from The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision through Collider also tells us that Twentieth Century Fox has secured the rights to make the film so it seems it's all guns blazing.

Are you up for a new Flash Gordon? A darker and tougher version?




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