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Die Hard 6 rumours abound

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgThe rumours concerning Die Hard 6 are beginning and they are good. Good in that they are enjoyable and fun to read, and if they came through would be a great thing for fans of the franchise, especially if they weren't fans of the last two.

The rumours suggest that there's going to be a sixth film in the franchise and that there's going to be a significant look to the past with it. Thankfully some franchises aren't looking to reboot everything.

I must admit that with the last film I really did think we were going to see an attempt to restart the franchise with a new, younger model of Bruce Willis in the guise of Jai Courtney. It wasn't a terrible idea but it wasn't something I really thought was going to happen.

Thankfully that doesn't seem to be happening and amazingly the rumours are coming that Bruce Willis will return, but the surprise is who he's bringing with him and that, if this is the end of the franchise, it's a return to one of the best moments it had, not a reboot or a restart.

The rumour comes from Latino Review's on Twitter through The Playlist and it seems to be gathering momentum. The rumour is that Bruce Willis will return as John McClane along with his old time partner of circumstance from Die Hard With a Vengeance, Zeus Carver played by Samuel L. Jackson. What's more is that the studio are looking to writers to develop the story.

Playlist have a quote from Jackson through Movies.com a little while ago when he said:

"They kept saying they were going to put us back together in another Die Hard movie, but it never happened…"

That's not a hopeful promise though, that is a full stop on something that happened, or failed to happen, in the past. That isn't really backing up any new idea of a get together.

This does sound like the recycling of an old rumour or perhaps it's the studio having a crack at floating the rumour and seeing if anyone bites - if there's a sudden upsurge in interest then perhaps they might go forward with the idea.

It's a nice rumour, or rather fantasy, but would it really make for a better Die Hard film? I'm not sure they have it right, is throwing in an old character instead of a young one as they have in the last two films going to make a great deal of difference? Maybe the studio thinks that this will grab the old fans that perhaps didn't come to the previous film, but that's really not going to cut it is it? What they need is a strong script, strong direction, and a desire not to pamper to the spreadsheet demographic.

Would this instantly make Die Hard 6 appealing to you or do you need more?



After Die Hard 5 I'd need dinner, some flowers and a sizable bribe.



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