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Boyle and Beaufoy delivering Billie Jean King film

BattleoftheSexesMatch.jpgDanny Boyle looks set to deliver a film about Billie Jean King and the film would concentrate on her famous Battle of the Sexes tennis match with Bobby Riggs in 1973. The event is documented superbly well in the film The Battle of the Sexes, a surprisingly enjoyable and engaging documentary.

The true story is about Billie Jean King playing Bobby Riggs who came out of retirement at aged 55 to prove that men could easily beat women at the sport. He was proven wrong, in spectacular fashion.

Danny Boyle is busy working on a number of projects just now, there's the long discussed Trainspotting sequel for one, but he has a couple of projects which are dramatic versions of true life stories, stories that have already made it into successful documentaries. The first was reported a while ago and is a film about the gang responsible for some of the biggest robberies of recent years, first made into a documentary called Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers and now being made into a film, and the second will be a film about Billie Jean King.

The recent documentary The Battle of the Sexes undoubtedly brought the subject matter forward for writer Simon Beaufoy who has also written Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours. Now Boyle is looking to direct the script from Beaufoy according to The New York Post through The Playlist. Beaufoy is still writing the script and it's in the early stages but the exciting part is that Billie Jean King is apparently involved in the project.

There's little other information but I think this, and the Pink Panthers story, are interesting choices for Boyle to direct, especially when a lot of media is focussed on the potential Trainspotting sequel. Adapting real life stories isn't something totally new for Boyle, after all 127 Hours was based on actual events.

While the Pink Panthers story should easily deliver an exciting film I'm really curious as to how the tension will be built on a film about the famous Battle of the Sexes tennis match. It will obviously be split between the media build-up that Bobby Riggs delivered, attacking the women of the sport and deriding them while trying to goad King into accepting the match, and the on court action. It's the latter that I'm interested to see filmed, how will Boyle bring that to the screen and will it turn into a string of dance tracks in the background with angles and cuts galore in the fore?

If you haven't seen The Battle of the Sexes then you should, even if you think it's not going to be something that interests you, it's a superb documentary that has some surprises in story for you. How will a dramatic version tell the story?




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