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Could the Point Break remake work?

PointBreak.jpgDespite the remake of Point Break having a rather long period of development, although to be fair many films can take years to get to the starting blocks, it seemed that the idea took a huge step back when Keanu Reeves announced that he just wasn't interested in returning.

However there's word that a prominent actor, and one who isn't long off a surfboard for another film, is set to take the leading role of Bodhi. So the film is moving forward, but is it a good thing?

While I was on my break from Filmstalker I was reading about film all the time, I could never make the complete break, and I read that Keanu Reeves had said in no uncertain terms that he wasn't returning to make a Point Break sequel, whatever guise that film might take. In fact I think his comments weren't just putting an end to the idea of him returning to the character but to the entire idea of a sequel or a remake.

That doesn't seem to have dissuaded the people behind the film as word comes from The Hollywood Reporter that Gerard Butler is in final negotiations for the role of Bodhi - for those of you who remember that's the role that Patrick Swayze played in the original film.

This sounds an interesting choice because Butler starred in the 2012 film Chasing Mavericks as Frosty Hesson, the real life surfer, and he really did surf for the film, in fact he had a rather close shave getting wiped out one day while surfing for the film.

It's not just going to be surfing though as the new Point Break is going to see the character of Bodhi as an international extreme sports athlete which means more countries and many different sports, not just surfing and the skydiving sequence from the original.

This is where lovers and purists of the original might be a little upset for the character names and plot will remain the same but the scope of the story will be increased to appeal more to international and more modern audiences, after all surfing might not appeal to as many as it did when the original Point Break arrived.

I've joined the comments against the idea of a remake, that was until I saw the film again just before the end of last year. The film didn't hold up as well as I thought, there were stock moments, cheese and poor acting, and while that might add to the appeal of the original I think it also makes a great case for a remake with the new outline.

It isn't just what the original didn't do quite right either, it's where it did get it right that also suggests a remake could work. There are a number of interesting and intriguing plot turns that could provide for some powerful character moments, opportunities which I felt the original missed a few times and could have made much more of them than it did.

Watching the original again brought back a lot of great memories but at the same time it revealed what effect time has had on the film, and how much of the fondness and positivity for the film was based upon those early viewings, nostalgia if you will.

Point Break is a good, enjoyable film, but a remake which expands and modernises the story could deliver a film that captures a great audience and stands well alongside the original.

For one I think it's good that Keanu Reeves isn't returning, and I don't mean that in any negative way towards the actor. I believe they'd try and push him into a character just to win over the fans of the original and get them through the door. Now they have less from the original to lean on and more room to allow the new film to develop.

The potential casting of Gerard Butler in the role you would associate with Patrick Swayze's original character is good. In fact it's more than good, I think this is a strong casting choice. He's an excellent fit for the character and he is good as a bad guy, especially an action led bad guy.

Directing is Ericson Core, the cinematographer from The Fast and Furious, Payback and Daredevil, oh yes I know but he's the cinematographer there not the director, and he previously directed the 2006 film Invincible starring Mark Wahlberg.

As I've mentioned before Kurt Wimmer wrote the screenplay for the new version of the film which sees the undercover FBI agent break into a group of international extreme sports people who are also an internationally wanted criminal gang. As the FBI agent becomes part of their group he is drawn to the allure of the extreme sports world and the mantra of the charismatic lead of the group, Bodhi. His allegiances begin to fray and he becomes confused as to what the right thing to do is.

You know I have a lot more positive hope for this new Point Break especially if you forget about the original for a moment and consider the plot and the first potential cast member. My interest is growing, what about yours? Can you really let go of the past and accept a new Point Break?




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