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Cruise and Kosinski in Ford versus Ferrari film

GoLikeHell.jpgI was hoping that the release of Rush would lead to more F1 related films but so far that's failed to materialise, although the latest news tells us that there is going to be a new motor racing related film and it's not going to be a small budget one either, not when Tom Cruise is involved.

The film is going to tell the story of the competition between Ford and Ferrari at the top of the sixties European racing tour which came to a head at the 1966 Le Mans race.

The story for the film is based on the book Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans ( / ) which tells the story of a time in motor racing when Enzo Ferrari was dominating and Henry Ford II believed he could take a crack at his reign with the ex-racer and now car designer, Carroll Shelby, and they did just that.

We heard about the film first back in 2009 when there were lots of big names being talked to and word was a director was actively being sought but it was 2011 before we heard sniff of a name attached and that was Michael Mann.

Now thought the news is somewhat different and The Hollywood Reporter tell us that the director is Joseph Kosinski and that the man to play Carroll Shelby is Tom Cruise, himself one hell of a speed freak and great driver.

There was already a script delivered by Lisa Schrager for the Mann version of the film but since that never appeared there will undoubtedly be another rewrite or two for Kosinski and Cruise.

It's going to be an exciting film and a great story of the American underdog coming through against the European leader in the European racing scene, and while that might not be the Formula 1 film I was hoping for to follow Rush, it's still a good story to be told and one that will offer the opportunity for great cars, great rivalry, excitement and more.




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