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Chavez trailer, Peña leads

Chavez.jpgI have to admit I know nothing about Cesar Chavez, or César Estrada Chávez as he was born, and so a biographical film about the man who fought for civil and workers' rights throughout his life. He believed in non-aggressive and public relations led tactics and was co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association which later became the United Farm Workers Union.

There are many significant moments in his life and he fought for some strong and worthy causes, something you get a strong feeling for through this trailer for the film Chavez, a film which stars the excellent Michael Peña as the man himself.

There's an equally strong backing for the actor with America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, Kevin Dunn, Jacob Vargas and Gabriel Mann as some of the supporting names, and the film is directed by Diego Luna.

I'm really pleased that Michael Peña is getting a role like this, it's important and significant and not just for his career. It's a leading and recognisable role that has the opportunity to let him have the credit he should have been receiving for all his supporting roles. This guy's a great actor but he's so often overshadowed by the main cast.

So it's good that he's getting such a big role and that it's such an important one. Just have a look at Michael Peña in full flow in the trailer for Chavez which comes through TrailerAddict:

I wonder though, with the film focussing on a character not well known out of the United States and the title being a simple one word, will it get an international release, and if it does will it make it out of the countries that are connected to the story?




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