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Miller to join Snyder on Man of Steel sequel?

BatmanvsSuperman.jpgI have been dubious about whether the Man of Steel sequel that will also feature Batman will follow the course of the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. While Zack Snyder has revealed that Batman will be in the sequel and used a quote from the novel to suggest a combative relationship between the two and perhaps the adaptation of the novel itself, I've still had my doubts.

Today an article suggests another strong connection to that story is what we might just see for the sequel to Man of Steel.

We already heard that Batman will be appearing alongside Superman in the next film from Zack Snyder as he produces a sequel to his well-received Man of Steel, and when the revelation was made he used a quote from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.

Now, according to a source of The Independent newspaper through The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder has taken a step further by recruiting Frank Miller himself to assist with the script.

Of course I have to step in at this point and remind you that this is the usual rumour from an unknown source, but at the same time it is through The Independent, and it also fits with what we've been hearing.

According to their source Snyder is due to have talks with Miller in a few days and discuss the sequel however it doesn't seem as though this will be the adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns ( / ) that many are hoping for, not according to the Independent article anyway which clearly states that it will not be an adaption and that Miller had no idea about the announcement that Batman would also be in the film nor the use of the quote from his comic series.

I find that surprising considering the use of the quote; the fact that fans have been shouting for The Dark Knight Rises adaptation for so long; that Frank Miller himself is getting involved; that Zack Snyder has adapted Watchmen (Filmstalker review) and 300 (Filmstalker review) so well, and that the two characters going head to head in the film can't avoid being compared to the superb storyline of the comic book.

Plus, everything fits together so nicely right now, if they could just persuade Christian Bale to come back for one more film it would be perfect. He could return as an older Batman, deliver the versus story as per The Dark Knight Rises but from Superman's perspective, and then he would be done forever.

The problem with adapting that story is that it is from Batman's perspective and that is perhaps why Miller would be needed, to turn the story around to the other viewpoint and see what dramatic side could be brought out from that character.

However it looks like they aren't doing that adaptation and they're going to create a new versus story. Frankly though I find it hard to see how they aren't going to be compared and adapting it might be the better plan. I still think it could work if they presented the whole story of the comic book through Superman's perspective with Batman helping him realise he's more like a pawn to the politicians.

We shall know more as Miller meets with Snyder.



You know, I'll always cut Snyder a load of slack for the brilliant job that he did on Watchmen, because it was a great job. But.....

There's a few things that bug me about this. I agree that Bale would be brilliant as Batman for the Dark Knight Returns story, but Cavil as Superman? He's way too young, and there's lots of back story that needs setting up for the Dark Knight before it films.

Also, I'd rather see Nolan do it in 10 or so years time, he judged his Dark Knight Trilogy perfectly, something that Snyder badly mishandled with Man Of Steel.

It needs a skillful director, and someone with more than one volume setting. The animated version that just been released on Blu-Ray is worth a watch, just to see how hard it is to do the graphic novel justice.....

As for Miller being involved, sure Sin City was brilliant, but The Spirit, the jury is still out on him.

But.........I think Nolan / Bale with Snyder involved could work, but it's Nolan that needs to lead, DKR isn't a single tone graphic novel. Plus, you've got the big casting decision to make. Who plays The Joker?



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