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Deep Throat tries to gag Lovelace film

Lovelace.jpgThe biographical film Lovelace which sees Amanda Seyfried playing the adult film actress Linda Lovelace, looks to have hit a snag. Although it's a snag that many films seem to hit these days it is a significant one that without action could see Lovelace being held back.

The production company behind the adult film Deep Throat, which Lovelace starred in back in 1972, has taken legal action to stop the film from being released over rights about the title and usage of footage of the film itself.

Deep Throat is the film that Linda Lovelace starred in and was a formative point for the adult film industry we see today. It also marked a key point in Lovelace's life and in the marriage to Chuck Traynor as his abusive nature escalated and put her on a path to walk away from the adult industry and become a voice against it.

You should have all heard of the story before, especially on Filmstalker, and if not you'll soon see the story revealed in the film Lovelace starring Amanda Seyfried in the leading role backed by a host of names including Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, Robert Patrick, James Franco, Eric Roberts, Chloë Sevigny, Chris Noth, and more. Well, maybe you will.

I don't think really that this lawsuit will hold the film up to be honest, we hear about lawsuits against films all the time nowadays and it never really has an impact. Here the case being claimed by Arrow Productions Ltd is that the Lovelace film uses the title without permission or licence and that the film uses more than five minutes of footage from the original Deep Throat.

Apparently they are using the "we never heard anything about it" defence, something that would have been hard to prove considering the amount of news that has been going around for years about this, and the other Linda Lovelace film. It's especially daft as the BBC article says Arrow Productions contacted Millennium Films Inc., the production company for Lovelace, in 2010.

The company replied saying that they believed the use of the title and any footage was all reasonable and did not violate their trademarks and copyrights. So we have the standoff.

Arrow Productions will want publicity and cash while Millennium will want publicity and to give away as little cash as possible. They may settle before it gets to court but even if it does go that far we'll still see the film being released.

Just think though, if it did get delayed would there be a problem? Not really. Lovelace isn't a film that is time dependant at the moment, unless that other biographical film about her finally gets off the ground, but that's probably unlikely.




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