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Schwarzenegger confirms Terminator 5

Terminator.jpgJust last week I was writing about Arnold Schwarzenegger confirming he would be involved in Terminator 5 and that the film was moving ahead, well now there's another quote from him backing up the rumour that the film had a start date.

Not only is he confirming that story but he's also confirming he will be appearing in the film and his character. Here's a clue, he won't be playing a human.

In a story just from last week we heard from Arnold Schwarzenegger that Terminator 5 was being written right now and that he was involved.

Of course it could have been the usual "we" that people in the industry band around when they want to keep associated with a project so that their name is all over the media come casting or recruiting time, but it didn't feel that this was the case, his return had been talked about since he began his move back to film after leaving politics.

However a lot of people, myself included, thought that he wouldn't be playing the Terminator again, after all he's older and doesn't look like the Terminator we once knew and the hint from Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review) was that there could be a human character that looked just like him that was used to model the skin of the Terminator - was there a story there?

To be honest it didn't feel like it, plus that film made a comedy moment out of it, but the chance of him coming back as a human that either designed the robots or inspired the look of them was there. Chances are it would have been a small part though, after all this is about the Terminator and John Connor.

That's changed though, Arnold has revealed what his role will be and it's a relief to fans of Terminator everywhere.

Speaking at the 21st Century Financial Education Summit in Perth, Australia, through TheArnoldFans.com and ShockTillYouDrop, Arnold Schwarzenegger said:

"I'm very happy that the studios want me to be in 'Terminator 5' and to star as the Terminator...we start shooting in January and I'm also going to do 'King Conan'. To play that role and also to do another 'Twins' movie. I feel very proud of that. I feel very happy and I'm looking forward to doing those films."

Good on him, he's continually pushing The Legend of Conan and Triplets films but really it's the Terminator 5 that we're all wanting to see aren't we?

So he's older and his Terminator won't look like the others did, but then if you look at the different between the Terminator in the first and second films wasn't there a leap there? Then look at him in the third. I think we'll all be much more forgiving of him once we see him in that leather jacket and saying some of his catchphrases, especially if there's a good story to boot.

That we'll have to wait for, as I said before it comes from writers Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, a mixed bag indeed and we don't know if they are updating an existing script or idea or delivering their own, and that makes a difference considering who might have come up with the idea…for more on that have a look through Filmstalker.




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