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The Stone Roses: Made of Stone trailer

TheStoneRoses.jpgI was never a Stone Roses fan so I'm in no position to talk about how their popularity has endured and how far it has reached but it is fair to say that despite the huge absence their music has still endured and there has been a massive and loyal fan base. That's one reason why their reunion tour, some twenty years after they began, has proven so successful.

It's also one of the reasons why director Shane Meadows was asked along to film the documentary of that reunion tour and create the film The Stone Roses: Made of Stone.

Hopefully there was no recognition in Shane Meadows other music related film Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee (Filmstalker review), or maybe there was and that's why The Stone Roses turned to him. Perhaps though it's because he is a fan and a great film-maker.

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone gets a release on the 5th of June and for all Stone Roses fans this will be one to see, so I expect to see ticket sales going through the roof.

Meadows followed the band through the 2012 tour preparation and the first trailer has arrived through the UK independent cinema group Picture Houses and Deadline. This film is set to propel The Stone Roses to even great heights don't you think?



Its an interesting cut for the trailer. Meadows said that the trailer was going to cover the run up to the reunion, but the trailer looks to be going from the early days right up to the Heaton Park shows and beyond.

Its an interesting story to tell for sure, and there is some great footage in there, from the Late Show on BBC2, right to Mani trashing his bass in (I think) LA, to where we are now.

The big sell for me is that it looks honest, warts and all. The Roses is quite a tale, I just hope that it doesn't skew that tale to create a myth, its big enough, and strong enough as it is.



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