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Bourne sequel in development, but which Bourne?

TheBourneLegacy.jpgA little bit of news has arrived from Cinema-Con that perked my ears up, but the problem is that it really is a little bit of news and has raised more question than anything. Coming from the Chairman of Universal Pictures himself we hear that there's more life in the Bourne franchise yet.

However there's no word which Bourne franchise he's talking about. I can guess though.

Universal Pictures Chairman Adam Fogelson was talking at Cinema-Con and announced that the sequel to Snow White and The Hunstman is going to be released in 2015. These aren't exciting announcements and ninety-nine percent of the audience couldn't care less, just that the film's being made and we'll get to see it soon.

So it was with more interest I caught the one line in the story that followed this comment. Fogelson also said that they are working on another Bourne instalment.

There was no further information available and I'm surprised we didn't get even a snippet more, but it does raise the question of which Bourne franchise?

Some are already trying to point the finger to the old Bourne and suggesting that Matt Damon could return, and that's perhaps true, however you will remember he has always said he wouldn't without Paul Greengrass.

That said, Tony Gilroy has written the Bourne films and with one saved it from a potential disaster, and he's delivered the new Bourne story in The Bourne Legacy (Filmstalker review) which I thought was a damn good addition to the franchise.

That film didn't throw out what had happened before and actually embraced it, and in an intelligent and non-lazy way took us into the heart of another programme, one that had gone further than Bourne's and one that could lead us to more possibilities. It also left the door wide open for a sequel, so is that what Universal are working on?

Is suspect it is, a sequel to The Bourne Legacy that won't be afraid to go back to both Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon and ask if they'd like to return. If they did I'm sure there'd be a place for both of them in the film, but from the strength of The Bourne Legacy I'm sure Tony Gilroy will be asked to return and the franchise continue from his film.

Surely the desire to return to the original Bourne is fading fast?a href=




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