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Escape from New York still being remade

SnakePilskin.jpgWe had all believed that the attempted remake of John Carpenter's classic film Escape from New York had been killed off, and indeed it had with New Line letting the rights to the project lapse almost over two years ago. We had heard all manner of names associated with Snake Plissken such as Gerard Butler, Jeremy Renner and even apparently Tom Hardy and with Len Wiseman behind the camera.

Now it seems as though someone else has taken up the baton for the film and a remake may well be close to following. It is also likely to be an American-European venture and one that might just sound rather familiar.

After the Escape from New York remake passed on the film Lockout arrived on the scene, in fact the first trailer arrived just five months later, and for all intents and purposes this was the remake of Escape from New York just in space and with Guy Pearce as the new Snake. He even growled like him and had the same temperament.

Lockout came from the production companies Euopra Corp, Canal+ and Ciné+, and the company behind the production of the Escape from New York remake is Joel Silver's Silver Pictures partnering with Studio Canal. Ah, there seems to be a connection there.

So they've already remade it to a certain extent in Lockout but they're going to do it again, this time with a Hollywood studio driving it forward, and the promise of more than one film.

According to Deadline through The Guardian the film is going to kick off a series of films, well if it works that is.

There's no word on anyone being involved as yet just the production companies and the planned series, but then when does a new film not have a plan to be a series? More to the point how are they going to make this any different to Lockout and will Luc Besson be involved?




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