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Sony announce 4K support for PS4

PlayStation4.jpgNow this is interesting. I've been watching the press releases about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 as I am not only a keen gamer but I use the PlayStation as a home media system, viewing and playing video and audio across my network as well as downloading and watching films from LOVEFiLM and Sony Entertainment Network. Hold up, I'm not selling it, just setting the scene.

So watching the PS4 press releases has been interesting, especially since there hasn't been anything that has really grabbed my attention, until now.

News is coming in that the new Sony PlayStation 4 will support 4K video, not in games though, just as video. So the new Hobbit films will play beautifully through the PS4 although we'll need to buy new TVs to really take advantage of it as well.

The story comes from a comment Joystiq obtained from the Sony President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida through Engadget.

What this does mean is that the PlayStation 4 will be here for some time, well at least that's the plan, and that they're banking on studios taking up 4K as an option for film-making. Of course I think that's a big bet because they'll have to wait for 4K televisions to get into the home which, considering they've been pimping out 3D for long enough and it seems to have fallen flat, might not be such a realistic thought.

It's not just the TVs though, the other hardware would need to catch up too like HDMI cabling and for those who really want to take advantage of the 4K at home, A/V Receivers to bring together the home cinema system.

Personally I think they have more pressing issues to address with the Playstation 4, not least the fact that it won't play PlayStation 3 games, games which are still being developed and released to high standards, GTA V for example?

Then there's the fact that they just have not developed the integration of the PS3, while the XBox 360 has leapt forward with integration with internet applications and systems the PS3 has stagnated with so much. Why doesn't my PS3 store a library of the games I own and tell me automatically that there are updates for them or new downloadable content from the dashboard and then offer to update in the background well before I load the game to play it? Why doesn't it connect to my smart phone or tablet in some way, perhaps alerting me of friends online or allow me to handle my messaging? Why can't I see when my friends are online on other networking systems and contact them for a game?

Hopefully these things will be carried forward onto the new console, but for those looking for the cinema experience more than anything the PS3 has been the console of choice offering a home media system, HDMI outputs and a superb Blu-ray player, and if 4K is going to become widely adopted then this is a superb move for the PlayStation 4 and Sony.




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